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The Tree of Blood 2018
6.6 of 14

The Tree of Blood

HD 6.40 130 min
Rebeca and Marc are a troubled couple who make a deal to solve their differences: during a full weekend, they travel to the Rebeca's grandparents family house in Basque Country (north to Spain) to write the story about their respective parents: it moves the history 25 years ago when Macarena, Rebeca's mother, was a famous rock singer who retired from singing after her pregnant, and Nuria, Marc's mother, was a teen who was forced to exit from her summer house after the mysterious Olmo arrives to warm her that a Russian mob wants her house as headquarter in Spain. Time later Macarena meets Victor, a fan who falls in love with her and assumes child Rebeca as her own daughter to acceptance and joy of Macarena's parents, Pío and Candela, while Nuria works as editor literary and meeting Amaia, an aspiring writer which first novel turns in big hit, who in addition she's married with the own Olmo, Victor's elder brother. According the history evolves moving to the present, happiness turns in tragedy when Macarena's state mind starts to fall down in insanity and schizophrenia, Victor starts to suffer troubles with drugs, and at the same time Amaia and Olmo's relation are breaking due to Olmo's past and the relation of his parents Jacinto and Julieta with the Russian mob. This causes that Amaia starts a write a novel about the Russian mob to disclose the truth about Olmo and Victor, and that Nuria and Amaia relive a former passion between them after a casual encounter many years ago. Overpassed by the ghosts of the past, Rebeca and Marc's love threatens to end by the amount of forbidden passions, betrayals, love affairs, murder and infidelities, specially when the history affects the own Rebeca and the surgery she was in her childhood to save her life. Can will Rebeca and Marc's love survive to the weight of their past?


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